Monday, 15 October 2007

A time for asking

Some simpletons, too busy with what they want will importune you and then ask for a favour. To do better than this, when you petition think people! Care to understand them if you need their understanding. This reminds me of a story:

Nasreddin was repairing the roof. 

Not easy when you are beyond your first youth. A neighbour called him from the street.



Come down, I have something important to talk with you.”

“Can’t wait?”

“It’s urgent!”

The Mullah climbed down from the roof with some pain.

“What is it?”

The neighbour whispered into his ear, confidentially:

“Can you please lend me five silver akce?”

“Come up with me.” said Nasreddin.

The man worked his way up a creaky ladder after  the Hodja. This took some time, as Nasreddin was old and not so quick. Finally on the roof he asked again:

“Can I have the money now?”

Nasreddin leaned over and whispered confidentially into his ear:

’m so sorry, I do not carry my purse with me when I'm repairing the roof.”

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